Just a little bit about me

Hi everyone! I’m Brianna!

I currently live in northern New Jersey with my husband, Steven, and our two kids. Right before the height of Covid, we decided to buy a complete fixer upper and rip it down to the studs- talk about a stressful renovation! For six months we lived with my in-laws and held our breath, hoping that we wouldn’t get held up or shut down in the process of fixing up our modern day colonial. In the end, the house took about a month longer than we planned, we were only shut down for about two weeks, and we only had a few problems getting materials that we originally wanted.

I have a love for interior design and tend to incorporate different styles, including farmhouse, French country, and more, into my home. I love wood, and diy projects and am so lucky to have a handy husband to help me when I come up with some crazy idea that may need some extra help getting executed. I also am extremely lucky to have a Father-in-law who has become extremely skilled at woodworking and has often been able to help create some of our projects for us.

I am blessed to stay home with my two kids, and while my husband has a career within aviation, you will often find him helping me work on many of my crazy projects around the house on his days off. I love to try and do things myself, or with the help of my loving husband (hehe), but I do also love to find good deals, and I am also a self admitted Target addict- if you are having trouble finding me, you can probably find me and my red card at Target.

I have also come to the realization that I LOVE storage. It has become a goal of mine to be able to hide ALL. OF. THE. TOYS. While we are currently working on the basement playroom, it is still fully functioning for the kids, yet we still have toys sprinkled throughout the house, (just like every other house in America) and I have made it my mission to be able to hide them ALL when the kids go to bed at night.

If you have visited my Instagram account, you will notice a lot of my posts show my house is mostly decorated with items from Target, Homegoods, Amazon, Wayfair, and other places that are easily accessible to the average decorator. Some other things you may have picked up from following along with me on Instagram, is that I change my mind a lot, like a lot- a lot. This can lead to a bunch of spin off projects and room changes and long term projects, usually right when we (Steven) thought we were done, whoops.

When I am not working on a house project, taking care of our kids, or out combing the aisles at target, you likely won’t find me baking or gardening. While I do definitely TRY and bake, I pretty much have one go to muffin recipe that my kids love, other than that, I am no pro. As for gardening, I kill it all- there’s really no way around that one. I put mums out every year and every year they die, I should probably invest in artificial ones and stick to my strong suits. I digress-

Anyway, my main focus on Instagram tends to be our renovation, the before and after. I also focus on DIY projects, both large and small. While we had most of the work done by a fantastic construction crew, we are still doing large projects throughout our house and property that we will continue to share with everyone. I also like to share where I buy my products so that you can recreate the same thing in your space if you really want to! I also have been refinishing and repainting old furniture, whether it be my own or pieces I’ve recently purchased, sometimes just new paint and new hardware makes all the difference in the world!

I have truly enjoyed the start of this journey in sharing our home with all of you. Sometimes it’s a bit messy, sometimes it’s a bit hectic, sometimes it’s actually pretty on point. Sometimes everything is pretty clear cut, and other times I am amazed that the project actually works out. And hey, sometimes we have things that do not work out. Sometimes, things get tossed, sometimes things get changed, sometimes we need to walk away from the entire thing and come back another day to reimagine the space or reconfigure the project, don’t worry I’ll share that too.

I absolutely love that you are here and I’m so glad that you want to share this journey with me. I hope that we can grow together and learn together and help each other where we need to. Welcome, and enjoy the ride!

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